Things To Do On Roatan


Dive Our Awesome East End Walls!
We don't believe in diving aboard a crowded cattle boat. Diving should be as hassle-free as possible and you should be able to manage your own profile.  To bring you the very best in diving, we've partnered with Larry and Karen Coon, Islander Diving.

You'll get picked up and brought back to your own dock and provided with whatever gear you need.

A Padi divemaster Larry will be your guide pointing out cool stuff along the east end's best walls. You can also get certified or do "discovery" dives -- a more shallow dive without certification. You will love the reasonable prices and personal service! 

Caves and crevices, thousand-foot walls, wrecks, abundant sea life, dolphins, sharks, whale sharks and the largest number of sponges in the Caribbean, makes Roatan and the Bay Islands one of the most desirable diving destinations in the world.

One of the island’s best dive and snorkel  spots is right at the mouth of Caribe Pointe Bight.  But, sh-h-h-h don't tell anyone about our pristine spot. Calvin's Crack, a beautiful swim through is just a few minutes east of our house.

Have a "Radical" Catamaran Adventure
  Climb aboard Ed and Julie's 48' yacht "Spirit of Free Radical" for a snorkeling excursion to Port Royal, Pigeon Cays or one of the nearby islands. This fully equipped, newly renovated charter sailboat is located in nearby Calabash Bight. We'll arrange a water taxi to pick you up and bring you back following your day of fun. Check out their website: free radical

We suggest the first thing you do upon arrival is to explore the island. When it comes to exploring, Roatan offers the best of the best. You could, for example, follow the trail of the many pirates and buccaneers who lived in Port Royal in the early 1600’s, or visit the local communities to see how they live and sample their delicious food. Experiencing the mountains, pastures, lush forest and stretches of white sandy beaches is easy. The main road, and several small ones that run through the island, will take you wherever you wish to go.

The beaches from Sandy Bay to West Bay are excellent, with numerous places to stop and relax or have a refreshing island cocktail. Our longest and most deserted beach, Camp Bay, is located on the east end of the island.
Closer to Castaways there is Turquoise Bay, Havana Beach Club and Fantasy Island.  Fantasy Island is also well-known for the monkeys, iguana, peacocks and island rabbits that roam free throughout the property.

Canopy Adventure
Take a ride high above the trees for breathtaking views of the island jungles, ocean and white sandy beaches. Guests are provided with all necessary equipment, including heavy gloves, for a glide through treetops, landing on different platforms on your way down to the coast. There are five canopy tours on Roatan. The closest one, Pirates of the Caribbean, is on the road between Caribe Point Bight and French Harbour. 

Carambola Gardens
The gardens provide a relaxing stroll through a diverse collection of flowering plants, ferns, spices, fruit trees, hardwood trees and orchids. Apart from the small, well-tended garden, trails lead up the pretty valley through the arid tropical forest, past the iguana wall, where iguanas and parrots breed, and up to the top of Carambola Mountain, where you can soak in the gorgeous colors of the coral reefs below and see all the way out to the island of Utila.

Iguana Farm
The owner of this quirky attraction has spent years protecting and raising the over-hunted green iguanas that laze about in the trees around his house in French Key, east of French Harbor. This out of the way site may not seem like much until the owners throw out a pile of vegetable leftovers on their driveway. Then suddenly hundreds of iguanas descend from the trees for the scraps. The farm has a number of the big, red males that are so rarely seen anymore. Admission fee is minimal and helps pay for the greens that feed these gentle creatures.

Horseback Riding
There are a number of places that offer great horseback riding. You have the option of riding up into the hills, or riding along the sand and into the azure water of some of the island's best beaches. We recommend Shirkie Bodden at El Rancho Barrio Dorcas Ranch


Sea Kayaking
One of the best kayaking experiences is right here at Caribe Pointe Bight. You can take a kayak and explore the mangrove canals, built by the Payan Indians.  If the water is calm, continue onto Jonesville for lunch or dinner at McNabbs or stop in for a beer at Jonesville Point Marina (Tricos) or Hole in the Wall Bar and Restaurant. Continue onto Oakridge, but be sure to stop in and chat with BJ at her bar and restaurant.  A kayak is also an excellent way to reach various snorkeling spots. Our sit-on-top kayaks make it easy to get on and off for snorkeling. See our kayak information sheet for details on the many places you can explore.

Swimming with Dolphins
For years, Anthony's Key Resort has been developing a dolphin program through their Roatan Institute for Marine Sciences located on the property. Trained dolphins perform daily shows of acrobatic leaps and spins. In another beachside enclosure on nearby Bailey's Key, the Dolphin Encounter offers the chance for you to wade into the water and play with the dolphins. The Dolphin Swim is available for those who want a more intimate experience with these intelligent marine mammals. The resort also offers divers the opportunity to dive or snorkel with the dolphins.

Experience Garifuna Culture
A “must-see” on your visit to Roatan is Yubu Garifuna Experience just east of Castaways Cove. The specially conceived Garifuna Cultural Village features native music, dance, building, crafts, and history and is a wonderful way to learn about the Garifuna people. Punta Gorda is a Garifuna community on the east end of Roatan, and was the first Garifuna settlement in Central America. The Black Caribs or Garifunas were marooned in Roatan by the British in 1796 and first settled in Punta Gorda. To commemorate their arrival to Roatan, the Garifunas at this community have a carnival every year on the 12 of April. If you happen to be in the Island on this date, it is well worth your while to visit and enjoy the carnival.

There are a number of options for fishing on Roatan. We can arrange for you to go deep sea trolling, fly fishing or bottom fishing, where you can go after barracuda, tuna, Wahoo, Dorado and other species. More-and-more popular on the Bay Islands is fly-fishing for bonefish. These fish can be caught from shore or out on the flats just inside of the reef.

Submarine Adventures
If you’re going to dive, go to the bottom. The world’s deepest tourist submarine is the newest addition to Roatan’s list of top adventures to pursue while on the islands. You will find the submarine at Half Moon Bay Cabins, in West End.  If you snorkel this area, be sure to go under the submarine dock as it is loaded with lobster.

Things To Do On The Mainland, Honduras

Rio Congrejal / Pico Bonito National Park 
The Rio Congrejal River near La Ceiba is one of the most beautiful places in Honduras. Nearby is Pico Bonito, a national park with the highest mountain peak (7500 feet) in Honduras. It also has enormous waterfalls, river swimming pools, spectacular nature trails lined with abundant plant and animal life.

There are many tour operators who run nature and adventure tours into the national park. One of the most popular activities is white water rafting, which is arranged through a number of professional guide companies. 

If you would like to overnight in the park, the Lodge at Pico Bonito, provides superb up-market accommodation. Or if you prefer, a more laid back atmosphere, we recommend Omega Lodge. They offer river adventures, horse riding and a rain forest atmosphere that's hard to beat.

The Copán Ruins
Copán Ruins is located just 12 kilometers from the Guatemalan border on the eastern corner of the country. The tiny colonial town is a charming, peaceful place to spend several days. Red tiled roofs, cobblestone streets and a lively central park are among the traditional characteristics that make the town so comfortable. The ruins are a very special place in terms of ancient Mayan history and it was recently discovered that the ruins at Copán were in fact the center of Mayan civilization. Plan to spend at least a full day exploring the ruins and the surrounding areas, it is well worth the visit. In addition to the Archaeological Park, there are other interesting sights nearby:
  • The Sculpture Museum at the Ruins
  • Macaw Mountain Bird Park
  • Hot Springs
  • Nature Trails
  • Horseback Riding
  • Cloud Forest Hiking
  • Rafting and Tubing
  • Caving
  • Bird Watching
  • Tobacco Farming
  • Chortj Maya villages


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